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Artigo 19 Assesses the Transparency of BRT Transolímpica Infrastructure Works for the Rio Olympics And Beyond

The Brazilian NGO, Artigo 19, conducted an evaluation on a major project for the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio. From March to June of 2015, they analyzed access to information regarding the construction of the Transolímpica Bus Rapid Transit line. The results showed extreme opacity at the local and state levels in Rio de Janeiro, with slightly better results for Federal entities. After sending out 54 requests for information, the response rate was only of about 7%.

FUNDAR assesses the transparency of development loans in Mexico

The results show opacity: of the requests made to the federal Government, the requested information was only received in 3.4% of the cases. It was further revealed that there were flaws with the implementation of IDB and World Bank transparency policies. 

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2015 - Brazilian transparecy audit on infrastructure works related to the Olympics in 2016, by Artigo 19

"Rio 2016: violações ao acesso à informação no caso da BRT Transolímpica"  presents the results of an active and passive transparency evaluation conducted by the NGO Artigo 19 and municipal, state and federal bodies. This evaluation, conducted from march to june of 2015 analyzed the access to information regarding the construction of the Transolímpica BRT line, within the framework of the infrastructure works related to the Rio Olympics in 2016. 

2015 - Mexican Audit on the Transparency of Developmental Loans by FUNDAR

The report entitled “Diagnosis of the transparency of developmental loans in Mexico” presents the results of an assessment of passive transparency conducted by FUNDAR and published in September of 2015. For the diagnosis, 147 requests were sent to 16 agencies in the Federal Government. Additionally, 28 requests were sent to the World Bank and 45 to the Inter-American Development Bank. 

2014 - Venezuelan audit on access of information by Espaço Público

“Situación del acceso a la información pública em Venezuela 2014”, published by the NGO Espacio Público in may 2015, presents the results of a passive transparency audit conducted between 2011 and 2014, and an assessment of active transparency conducted in 2014. The political themes addressed are varied (economy, health, education, environment, etc.) and the assessed institutions belong to the different branches and levels of government.

2014 - Mexican Audit on Parlamentary Transparency by Alianza para el Parlamento Abierto

The report entitled “Diagnosis of Open Parliament in Mexico” presents the results of an assessment of active transparency conducted in the 31 State legislatures, in the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District and in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate of the Federal Congress. This diagnosis was undertaken by the Alliance for Open Parliament (APA), constituted by twelve civil society organizations. For the assessment, 10 principles and 95 variables relevant to open parliament were considered.

2014 - Peruvian Audit of Transparency in Municipalities by Defensoría del Pueblo

The report "Reporte de Supervisión a los Portales de Transparencia Estándar de las Municipalidades Distritales de Lima Metropolitana y de la Provincia Constitucional del Callao. Año 2014", present the  results of the active transparency evaluation conducted in 42 Peruvian municipalities in Peru by the Ombudsman Office. The monitoring was conducted between March 12th and April 7th of 2015, and the verification of the published and updated information items took plan between January 1st and December 31st of 2014.

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